We raised £7m from 8,559 investors

Our 2020 campaign has closed. We hit £5m on day one — with the first £1m arriving in just four minutes from previous investors.

8,559 people invested in total, raising £7.1m and joining our mission to get everyone investing.

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Your capital is at risk when you invest, especially when investing in startups and early stage businesses

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Why is Freetrade raising?

To supercharge our already explosive growth.

It's been our plan to keep an annual cadence of crowdfunding, supplemented by venture capital (VC) rounds that grow as we do. Last year, we raised $15m, including a Series A with VC Draper Esprit.

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How has coronavirus impacted Freetrade?

The coronavirus crisis naturally made us revisit our assumptions and question whether we should change the timing of our planned crowdfund.

We're fortunate to be in a business that has been positively impacted by the current market conditions. We’re seeing record signups, customer deposits and investment activity on a daily basis. We've grown from 25,000 customers to almost 150,000—an increase of c. 500 per cent.

What is the share price and valuation?

You'll be able to see this information, and more, in our pitch deck on the Crowdcube platform when the campaign goes live on the 14th May.

When will the campaign go live?

Thursday 14th May 2020. Stay up-to-date on more details by signing up for the email updates.

Who will get early private access?

• Investors in previous rounds will get access at 9 AM
• Customers will get access at 11 AM
• We hear that community members that are neither previous investors nor customers (due to not being in the UK) also want to get early access. The way to lock in your access is opting in to receiving “Freetrade updates”. You’ll get access at 11 AM
• We will send out the early access link at 9 AM and 11 AM respectively either via email (if you’ve opted in to receiving them) or via in-app message on your Freetrade app. The round will then open to everyone at 1 PM
We'd recommend all prospective investors sign up with Crowdcube in advance.
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Can you tell me more about investing in Freetrade?

We’re building the home screen app for investing and the financial services company behind it, for and with our customers. They have played an important part in building Freetrade, from testing new features to spreading the word. So we think they should have a chance to share in our future success too.

Owning shares in Freetrade enables you to do that. It means that you’ll own a portion of the company and be able to take part in any future success that we enjoy. You could also get some cool rewards if you invest above a certain amount, including an in-app investor badge and some vaunted Freetrade socks.

Just remember that startup investing does carry significant risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution. You can read more about them on the Crowdcube website.

How do I go about trying to get my money back out if I invest?

Investing on Crowdcube is not the same as buying shares in a publicly-traded company such as Lloyds or Starbucks on the Freetrade app. Freetrade is a private company (read more about who owns Freetrade). That means any shares you acquire via Crowdcube cannot be bought and sold on a stock exchange at this time. 

If, in the future, Freetrade were to go public or be acquired by another company, you could receive money for your shares or be able to sell them on an exchange. For now, while it is possible to sell your shareholding if you find a buyer, you should bear in mind that there are restrictions on transfers and there is no active secondary market for Freetrade shares.

How do I actually invest?

To invest in the Freetrade crowdfunding, you must sign up to Crowdcube. You can do this on the Crowdcube website. Once you’ve signed up and the Freetrade crowdfunding round has opened, you’ll be able to invest. Your money will not be taken until the round has officially closed and the cooling-off period has ended.

Will the round be eligible for EIS?

Yes. You can read more about the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) here. Remember, the tax treatment is dependent on your personal circumstances and may be subject to future change.
Investing in startups and early stage businesses involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Always remember to look at the risk warning on Crowdcube’s website before investing.

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