Get free Plus for the rest of 2021

Refer three friends between 6th and 20th August 2021 and get Plus for free for the rest of the year.✨

Freetrade Plus gives you:
  • 3% interest on cash, up to a max deposit of £4,000
  • Access 1,100+ more stocks and ETFs
  • Exclusive stock collections
  • Ability to set limit orders and stop loss orders

When you invest, your capital is at risk.
Win a Tesla share

How it works

Step 1

Tap on the Free share button

Step 2

Send it to a friend

Step 3

Your friend accepts

Step 4

They download, sign up and fund

Step 5

You both get a free share, and it counts towards the free Plus offer! 🎉

Free Plus Offer Terms

Free Plus Offer FAQs

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How does this offer work?

Refer three friends to Freetrade with your referral link from your app between the dates of 6th August and 20th August 2021 at 23:59 to qualify. Your three friends must pass through onboarding checks, fund their account and complete their W-8BEN form by 25th August 2021.

Will we still get a free share?

Yes, for each friend you successfully refer, you’ll both get a free share worth £3 to £200. 💸
Click here for the Free Share FAQ and Terms.

What happens when the free Plus period ends?

Your free Plus subscription will continue through until January 2021. The exact date will depend on when you activate your Plus subscription and will be visible in the Profile section of your app.

We will send you two reminders in December letting you know that your free Plus subscription is coming to an end.
This will give you time to decide if you want to continue as a Plus member. If you don’t, you can unsubscribe from Plus easily from your app.

What happens if I want to revert to the free membership?

You can keep any stocks you purchased that are in the Plus universe, however, you won’t be able to continue to buy and sell them. Similarly, any limit orders or stop losses you create will disappear when you revert back to the free membership. You will also cease to earn interest on any cash held in your Freetrade account.

What if I open an ISA?

You can open an ISA for free when you have a Plus membership. However, once the free period ends you will be charged the monthly ISA fee of £3.
We will remind you about this ahead of time. Learn more about our stocks and shares ISA.

In addition to the above, all other terms below also apply.

Free Share FAQ and Terms

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How does it work?

  • You’ll get a referral invite dropped in your app. 🎟️

  • You refer a friend, and once your friend opens and fund their account and fills out their W-8BEN form, you both get a free share from Freetrade. 👯

  • The stocks will be randomly selected from a list of interesting companies, ETFs, and trusts, with a value from £3 to £200. This is a bit like a lottery, except you always win something and we think it’s better than cash!

  • You can get both UK and US stocks.

  • The stock will drop into your General Investment Account. We can’t put it in your ISA.

  • Both you and your friend must have a funded account and have completed the W-8BEN form that lets you invest in US stocks. If your referral doesn't fill out their W-8BEN form, we reserve the right to allocate a free UK share to your referral.

Up to £200?

Yes, that’s right – if you’re lucky, you might get a free share in Lululemon or Microsoft. Let us know if you do! Don’t despair if you don’t get a super valuable stock, just refer again!

Is this available on both iOS and Android?


When will I be able to invite friends?

If you have funded your account and filled out your W-8BEN form, you will have Free Share invite sent over to you in a few days.

Can I share my link with more than one person?

One free share invite = one friend. We'd like people to choose wisely and spend some time with their friend chatting about Freetrade and helping with any questions. If you successfully invite a friend, we'll allocate multiple new invites to you.

Do I get the same stock as my friend?

Not likely, but possible. Allocating free shares is a completely randomised process.

When will I receive my stock?

You should receive this within 7-10 days. Orders can be rejected for a number of technical reasons, unrelated to Free Share referrals.

There are certain stocks I don’t want for ethical or personal reasons, can I swap?

We can’t offer swaps at this stage, but you’re free to sell your share.

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How to get your free share 🎁

How we choose your free share

Referrer's Terms

Recipient's Terms


The entire value of the share when sold may be subject to capital gains tax. You can check the value of each share when issued and/or sold on your portfolio screen.

Tax depends on your personal circumstances and if you are unsure about any tax implications, seek advice from a tax professional.

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