Sign up to Freetrade, fund your account and you'll get a free share worth between £3 - £200. You'll also be in with a chance of winning a share in Amazon or one of 50 shares in Apple!

When you invest, your capital is at risk.
Only available to new Freetrade customers.
Terms and eligibility criteria apply.

How does this promotion work?

Step 1:

New customers can sign up for the offer by clicking the link above. Once you've funded your account, you'll be eligible for free share worth between £3-200.

Step 2:

Once your free share has been awarded, sit tight, we'll be in touch via the app if you've won a share of Apple or Amazon.

Step 3:

If you’re a lucky winner, we'll award your winnings in free shares to your general investment account.

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Frequently asked questions

What shares could I win?

If you are entered into the prize draw, you could win one of the following free share prizes:

Prize  (number of winners):

  • An Amazon share (1 winner)

  • An Apple share (50 winners)

The prize value will be awarded to winners into your General Investment Account (GIA). Terms and eligibility criteria apply to the prize draw.

When does this campaign end?

You must sign up and fund your account before Dec 31 23:59 2021.

What free share will I get?

Everyone who completes the required steps and is eligible for the offer will receive a free share worth at least £3 and up to £200 at the time of awarding. It could be Apple, Greggs or Rightmove!

Make sure to complete your W-8BEN form to be eligible for a US stock. If you haven't completed your W-8BEN form, you will only be eligible to receive a UK share.

Your free share will land in your General Investment Account (GIA).

If you are selected to win an Amazon or Apple share, you will be contacted via in app messaging by one of our team.

When will I get my free share?

We will award your free share within 30 days of your GIA being funded.

How do I enter this offer?

You must sign up and fund your account using the link above or here to be eligible for this offer.

Have questions? Email us at

Terms and Conditions

1. By signing up to the golden ticket free share giveaway, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions govern this giveaway offer only. When you sign up for a Freetrade account, you will be subject to the Freetrade terms and conditions which can be viewed here.

2. New Freetrade customers signing up via the link will receive a free share when they onboard and fund their Freetrade account with at least £2. The free share will be awarded within 7 days of funding the Freetrade account.

3. This offer is only available to customers who sign up via the Golden Ticket unique link. 
If you do not sign up via this unique link, you will not be eligible for the offer.

4. The offer is only available to you if you are eligible and accepted as a Freetrade customer. This applies to UK tax residents only, and unfortunately excludes US nationals or dual US nationals who reside in the UK. We reserve the right to refuse to onboard an applicant customer, which would result in you being ineligible for this offer.

5. You must fund your account with a minimum of £2, within 30 days of signing up to receive your free share.

6. To ensure you are eligible to receive US shares, you must complete your W8-BEN form as soon as you complete the signup process.

7. Employees and contractors of Freetrade are not eligible for this offer.

8. Neither receiving a share through this programme nor any mentions of particular securities in our communications as part of this referral programme represents a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any particular security.

9. Receiving a free share may have tax implications for you. Freetrade does not take any responsibility for tax related to this share award.

10. The free share is one stock selected randomly when you meet the referral criteria, from the stocks selected for this programme. The probability is weighted so more expensive shares will be rarer.

11. Freetrade does not provide investment advice and individual investors should make their own decisions or seek independent advice.

12. Golden Ticket Shares: 
– We will select at random 50 people and allocate one free share in Apple
– We will select at random one person and allocate one free share in Amazon
– We will reach out to you via the in app messaging service to notify you of your prize, you must confirm acceptance of the prize within 15 days of receiving the message.
If you fail to reply to the in app message within 15 days, a new eligible winner will be selected at random and awarded the same prize. You will no longer be eligible for the prize from that point onwards.

It’s in our full discretion to withdraw, remove or vary the free share offer at any time for any customer.
Freetrade does not provide investment advice and individual investors should make their own decisions or seek independent advice. Any free shares awarded are not a recommendation for customers to buy or sell that financial instrument.


The entire value of the share when sold may be subject to capital gains tax. You can check the value of each share when issued and/or sold on your portfolio screen.

Tax depends on your personal circumstances and if you are unsure about any tax implications, seek advice from a tax professional. Tax rules for ISAs can change and their benefits depend on your circumstances.

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