Tips on how to deposit, tips on what to make sure you do when you deposit any why your deposit may not have arrived instantly.

How to deposit

  • Tutorial on how to deposit via different methods: open banking, manual bank transfer and Apple/Google Pay. 


Deposit via Apple/Google Pay  


Need to send it from an account in your own name that matches your name with FT 

  • You can only top up from a personal account in your own name.
  • If you have sent money from an account in somebody else's name, we will need to return the money. Please email If you do not get in touch, we will automatically return the money within 5-10 working days. 
  • If you have a long or double barrelled name or have recently changed your name, we may need to see a bank statement from the account you sent the funds from in order to allocate your deposit. We’ll make a note in our records so that it doesn’t delay future deposits. If this is the case, please email us at

Need to send it from your linked account 

  • You can only top up from your linked bank account. If you send money from an account in someone else’s name or from an e-money account, we would need to return the money.
  • If you send money from a non-linked account but it is an accepted bank and in your own name, we can switch your linked account over and apply the money to your Freetrade account. Please email

We don’t accept business accounts or e-money accounts (Revolut etc) 

  • You can send money from any fully authorised UK bank. We are unable to accept deposits from e-money institutions such as Revolut or Monese. 
  • When you link your bank account in-app, you will be asked to enter your account number and sort code. If the details are from an accepted bank, the app will allow you to continue and send money from that bank account.

Why your deposit may not have arrived and what to do if it hasn’t.

  • Instant bank transfers arrive on your Freetrade account within a couple of minutes of transferring.
  • If your transfer does not show after two minutes, it will be due to one of the issues outlined below:

It is important to note that your money is always safe. If your money hasn’t arrived due to one of the below reasons and you don’t follow up with our customer service team, we’ll automatically return your transfer to your bank account in 5-10 working days.

Contact us if

Please contact us on if you are in any of the following situations:

  • You sent the transfer from a joint account, not your personal bank account
  • You sent the transfer from a business account, not your personal bank account
  • You sent the transfer from a different account other than your linked account
  • You sent the transfer from an e-money institution or similar
  • Your name on your bank account is not the same as your name on your Freetrade account

When you just have to wait

  • There is no need to contact us, and we’ll allocate your cash within 1-5 business days if:
  • You didn’t include or used an incorrect reference number on your transfer
  • You sent the transfer as a standing order or bill payment
  • There is an unlikely scenario of a technical issue on our side, e.g. an API outage or similar.

Important to note: If you’ve sent money to Freetrade which hasn’t arrived and we’ve not been able to get in contact with you, we’ll ask our bank to process a return of funds to the account the deposit came from after 5 working days. This currently takes 5-10 working days to be processed.

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