How do I get a free share?

What to do when the Sender and/or recipient has not received their free share.

Information on the website on why you or your friend may not have received a free share and what to do if you haven’t received a free share

  1. Three main drivers: 

  1. Entered email into the app before using link so not eligible to receive a free share - 

Unfortunately you aren’t eligible to receive a free share for signing up as you had already created an account before using the link. However, you can still receive free shares by referring friends yourself!

  1. Recipient not yet funded account and signed W-8BEN - #FSCS
  2. Recipient didn’t successfully enter their email address into the link
  3. Order failed - #FSM

Type in “free share” here to see our Free share saved answers. We also often link to the website.

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