How do I get a free share?

What to do when the Sender and/or recipient has not received their free share.

Reasons why you may not have received your free share yet

1. You have already entered your email into the app before through a free share link

Unfortunately you aren’t eligible to receive a free share for signing up as you have already created an account before using a free share link. However, you can still receive free shares by referring friends yourself!

2. Referral has not yet funded account and signed W-8BEN

Filling out a W-8BEN form is required to buy US stocks in the app. It is a declaration that you are not a US tax resident.

Dividends issued by US companies will incur a 15% tax at source, rather than the standard 30%.

You can find the W-8BEN form on the Profile page in-app, just head to your Portfolio and click the person icon in the top right-hand corner. You'll see this under 'US Exemption form', if you've already filled this in the option will not be available to you.

Your referral must fund their account & sign US exemption within 30 days.

3. Referral didn’t successfully enter their email address into the link

If you suspect this was the reason, resend a new free share referral link.

3. Order failed

We attempted to purchase your free share with the last batch. However, it was rejected due to market volatility. Therefore, we will re-attempt to send it to you this week with the new batch. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

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