How to make a trade

A walk through on how to search for a stock, how to buy a stock and how to place and order.

Search for a stock to buy and place an order

  • Tutorial on how to search for a stock to buy and how to place an order. 

Firstly you will need to head to the Discover tab where you can discover the stocks you wish to invest in. Once you have chosen a stock, you can tap the ‘Buy’ button and select the amount you wish to invest. We will go to market and buy as many shares as we can for the amount you place.


  • Mention that the price you achieve may be different from the price you saw in-app. #MID/ #MID1
  • Include mention that US stocks are fractional shares only and if buying UK stocks you need to enter enough for one whole share. #FSW
  • Mention that once you’ve bought shares you have to then hold them in your portfolio until they increase in value. 

The way you make money when investing in shares is by holding the shares until they increase in value and then selling for a profit. However, share prices may also decrease, so you may lose money.

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