Information on how to open and use an ISA and how to pay for an ISA

How to open an ISA

  • Tutorial on how to open/ use an ISA including information on ISA limits, depositing into an ISA and eligible shares. - To open an ISA, simply head to the profile section and tap the โ€˜Open an ISAโ€™ button.

How to pay for an ISA

Tips on adding card details:

  • Make sure the date is formatted YYYY (some customers enter just YY)
  • has to be a debit card from a UK bank.
  • The monthly charge for a stocks & shares ISA is ยฃ3.
  • Head to 'Manage my ISA' in-app to set up payment by adding the details of a debit card. The payment will be taken monthly from the card you link.
  • Please ensure that the card is in your name and is from a fully authorised UK bank.

If payment for your ISA subscription is unsuccessful your account will be frozen

The stocks & shares ISA has a ยฃ3/month subscription fee. We've attempted to take this a number of times and have been unsuccessful. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

In order to lift the freeze on your ISA, please input a valid debit card in your own name where prompted in-app. Upon successfully adding a card, you will be immediately charged for all outstanding invoices on your account. The freeze on your ISA will be lifted and you'll be able to withdraw cash and resume trading activities as normal.ย 

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