Transfer in Declarations

Transfer in Declarations

I confirm that I wish to transfer the pension benefits from my transferring pension scheme(s), detailed in my application, into the Freetrade SIPP and instruct all relevant parties to proceed with arranging those transfers.

I authorise and instruct my transferring pension scheme(s) to transfer sums and assets under the scheme(s), as detailed in my application, directly to Gaudi Regulated Services Ltd and to provide any instructions and/or discharge forms required to complete the transfer(s).

I authorise my transferring pension scheme(s), Gaudi Regulated Services Ltd, any employer paying contributions to a transferring pension scheme, any financial adviser I may appoint and any other relevant third party to obtain from and release to each other, any information that is necessary to enable the transfer to take place.

I understand and accept that once the transfer has completed, that where the whole of the transferring scheme benefits have been transferred, I will have no entitlement to benefits under the transferring scheme or, where there has been a partial transfer of benefits from the transferring scheme, I will have no entitlement to benefits under the transferring scheme in relation to the part transferred.

I understand that until this application is accepted and complete, Gaudi Regulated Services Ltd’s responsibility is limited to the return of the total payment(s) to the transferring scheme(s).

I accept responsibility in respect of any claims, losses, expenses, additional tax charges or any penalties that Gaudi Regulated Services Ltd and the transferring scheme(s) may incur as a result of any incorrect, untrue or misleading information in this application or given by me, or on my behalf, or of any failure on my part to comply with any aspect of this application. This includes where I have been asked to provide any original policy document(s) in return for the transfer of funds and I am unable to do so.