Freetrade culture

We’re a team of almost 200 people in four countries on a mission to get everyone investing. Our shared values are helping us achieve this mission.

Freetrade culture

Our values


Being open and transparent with each other and our customers creates trust as we work collaboratively to build Freetrade.

Dave Lumer, Senior CASS Manager
Dave Lumer,
Associate Director, CASS

For me, the power of a culture where openness and honesty are not only encouraged but expected has so many positive benefits.

Shanice Friday, Customer Service Specialist
Denzel Akuffo,
Financial Crime Team Leader (AML)

Candour is an important value to have within our culture, it allows for open and honest discussions and creates a foundation for growth.


A Growth Mindset means going deep to learn how best to deliver new features to our customers and how to solve tough problems for them.

Jen Hall, Treasury Manager
Jen Hall,
Senior Treasury Manager

To me, curiosity is figuring out what I can do to help support the business. Freetrade encourages this behaviour by removing work silos, and this allows me to cast my net wide and work in new and interesting projects.

Louis Sutton, Product Manager
Cheok Lee,
Product Manager

Curiosity is the desire to learn about everything to do with our customers, the problems we’re solving for them, and the different ways to do this. That’s how we grow as individuals and as a company.


Sweating the details helps us as we uphold our regulatory obligations and deliver quality that we’re proud of and that our customers can rely on.

Jace Patel, Senior Software Engineer (Australia)
Jace Patel,
Software Engineer Manager (Australia)

To me, focus is a product of goals and dedication. First you set the goals, then you dedicate yourself to achieving them.

Tess Adnerhill, Operations Reconciliations Manager (Sweden)
Hayley Newman,
Software Engineer

Focused for me, is being committed to do the best you can, to ensure you are delivering value in whatever that may be.


Seeking, valuing and acting on feedback from each other and from our customers enables the continual improvement of our platform and service.

Mikey Sive, Software Engineering Manager
Gemma Boothroyd,
Investment Writer

When you work with humility, every day is a new opportunity for growth. It sounds cliché, but in Freetrade’s feedback-oriented culture, you’re always offered new ways to develop personally and professionally. And when you work with people you trust and admire, that feedback is invaluable.

Patrick Buhagiar, Senior Software Engineer
Vee Bathia,
People Operations Manager

Humility is essential to create an environment that enables diverse thinking and a focus on what's best for our customers. Always being humble creates a space to share honest and open feedback, keeping your work and home life in balance and executing well.


Giving up is not an option at Freetrade. Resilience, determination and a relentless desire to succeed drive everything we achieve with and for our customers.

Joao Cunha, Senior Data Scientist
Joao Cunha,
Senior Data Scientist

Working at a fast paced high growth company like Freetrade means having to take ownership of key aspects of the business, whilst sometimes being comfortable walking the uncomfortable path.

Shannon Milligan, Talent Manager
Shannon Milligan,
Chief of Staff to COO

Grit is perseverance for long-term goals. Given Freetrade's growth, you must understand that you have to keep at it.

Life at Freetrade