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About Freetrade

Freetrade is an award-winning investment platform that’s designed to get everyone investing. Launched in 2019, Freetrade has brought low-cost investing to over 1.4 million users, has over £1.3bn in Assets Under Administration, and is now one of the largest retail brokers in the UK

by order volume.

Freetrade is built for long-term investors, prioritising education, clear and simple pricing, and putting its customers first.

1.4m users

Join over 1.4m users investing with Freetrade.


Over 6,000 UK, EU
and US stocks and ETFs.


Over £1.3bn of assets
under administration.


Average rating of the
Freetrade app.

Media Assets

Here you'll find our media assets such as logos, corporate photography and in-app screenshots.


Freetrade white logo, symbol only - PNG

Freetrade pink logo, symbol only - PNG

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Freetrade logo horizontal - PNG

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