SIPP Free Share Promotion

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this promotion work?

This promotion is available to SIPP customers who have not funded their account as per 22nd November 2021.

Step 1: Head to your SIPP account in the Freetrade app
Step 2: Click the 'Contribute' button to transfer money or 'Transfer a pension' to start transferring old pensions to your Freetrade SIPP by 6th December 2021. Terms apply.
Step 3: We’ll award your free share within 30 days of your Freetrade SIPP being funded.

⚠️ Make sure that the Freetrade SIPP is the right pension plan for you, and that making any transfers to it would be in your best interests.

When will this promotion end?

6th December 2021, at 23:59.

When will I get my free share?

We will award your free share within 30 days of the first time you funded your SIPP account or once your pension transfer started before the 6th December has been completed.
To qualify for this giveaway, pension transfers must be initiated by 6th December 2021. The free share is yours for as long as you want it unless you transfer out or close your Freetrade SIPP within a year of opening it, in which case the value of the share awarded will be required to be repaid. Terms apply.

Your free share will land in your General Investment Account (GIA).

Why does the free share have to go into my General Investment Account?

For tax reasons, we’re not able to place your free share into your SIPP.

What free share will I get?

You can see example free shares in the table below:

* Examples of stocks that are at or above the minimum value you could get with your portfolio size, and we plan to give out as of 10th August 2021. Please note that share prices go up and down. We will assess that a share's value meets the minimum value threshold at the point of purchasing, based on independent third party data feeds, at our sole discretion.

What happens if I close my Freetrade SIPP within a year of opening?

You will forfeit your free share, or the amount equal to the value of the free share at the time of awarding. You will have to repay this amount to Freetrade.

I already have a pension account elsewhere, can I transfer it?

You’ll normally be able to transfer your pension from a different provider (subject to terms and conditions). There will be no fees from us for doing so, though your provider may charge you exit fees. It is up to you to ensure this is the right thing for you to do, with the help of a financial adviser, if required. Alternatively, you can choose to have a Freetrade SIPP as well as another pension plan.

Terms and conditions

1. This promotion of free shares is only offered on the understanding that you will only apply for a Freetrade SIPP, make contributions to it, and request any transfers to be made from other pension plans on the basis that you believe, with the help of a financial adviser if required, that these are the right actions for you to take. This requires you to read and understand the Freetrade SIPP Key Features Document, Terms and Conditions, Charges Schedule and Application Declarations.

2. A free share will only be gifted to you if you add your payment card details for the monthly SIPP subscription charge and contribute a minimum of £100 or initiate a pension transfer by 6th December 2021.

3. The gifted free share will be based on your SIPP portfolio size after the promotion end date, or when all pension transfers that were initiated before the promotion end date are complete.

4. The exact reward free share will be awarded at Freetrade’s discretion, and it may not be an example free share featured in the above promotional table.

5. If you close your Freetrade SIPP or withdraw all of your funds within a year of opening a Freetrade SIPP account, you will forfeit your free share or the amount equal to the value of the free share at the time of awarding.

6. Employees and contractors of Freetrade are not eligible for this offer.

7. The offer is only available if you are eligible and accepted as a Freetrade customer. This applies to UK tax residents only, and unfortunately excludes US nationals or dual US nationals who reside in the UK. We reserve the right to refuse to onboard an applicant customer.

8. Neither receiving a share through this promotion nor any mentions of particular securities in our communications as part of this promotion represents a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any particular security.

9. To be granted a free share as part of this promotion, you must complete your W-8BEN form.

10. Your free share will be awarded into your General Investment Account (GIA).

11. Receiving a free share may have tax implications. Freetrade does not take any responsibility for tax related to this stock award.

12. Freetrade retains full discretion to determine whether a customer has fulfilled all of the requirements to participate in this offer and can withdraw, remove or vary the free share offer at any time for any customer.

13. Freetrade does not provide investment advice and individual investors should make their own decisions or seek independent advice.