We’ll be sorry to see you go

If you want to transfer to another provider, you shouldn’t need to contact us. Your new provider will likely get in touch with us on your behalf.

We’ll be sorry to see you go, so if there’s anything we can do let us know.

Before transferring an ISA or pension, make sure it's the right decision for you.

Check you will not lose valuable guarantees. Some providers will charge you to close your accounts or transfer them. For peace of mind, Freetrade doesn't, although you may incur foreign exchange charges if you are selling your investments before transferring them.

Transferring your Freetrade accounts

If you decide to leave Freetrade, there is no fee to transfer away and close your Freetrade account(s). You may incur foreign exchange charges if you are selling your investments before transferring them. Depending on which investments you hold in your account, you can transfer out as cash or stock.

Transfer out as stock

You can transfer any UK securities as stocks, so long as your future provider can accept them and they can be held on their platform.

If your future provider can’t accept your investments as stock, you might have to sell your investments first and transfer them as cash.

If you can, it's a good idea to check if your future provider can hold your investments before starting the transfer.

Transfer out as cash

For UK securities, you can also transfer as cash if you’d prefer.

For non-UK securities, to transfer away from Freetrade you will have to sell them first and transfer the amount as cash.

When you transfer as cash you’ll be out of the market, so you will miss out on the ups and downs.

Your future broker can send an electronic transfer request to us at: transfer@freetrade.io

Transfer checklist

Just a few things to check before starting your transfer. This should not be read as personal investment advice, you will have to make your own decision about transferring. Some people speak to a financial advisor to help them.

Are your Freetrade records up to date?

All the personal details we have for you, like your full name, address and contact details need to match those you give to your new provider. Any mismatch could cause delays.

Do we have your National Insurance number?

If we need to sell shares as part of your transfer, then we’ll need your National Insurance number as well as confirmation of your nationality. Don’t forget that we’ll always reach out to you and we’ll never sell any stocks on your behalf.

Are you happy with your investments?

Once you’ve started the transfer process, it’s best to try and limit your trading activity while it goes through. Most providers will continue to let you buy or sell while your account is set for transfer but it’s important to know this will slow the transfer process down. If you think you might want to trade over the next few weeks, it’s best to wait until this is complete before you start the transfer.

Transfer FAQs

Can I cancel a transfer?

So long as your account and its investments haven’t left the Freetrade platform yet, you can cancel the transfer. Get in touch by emailing transfer@freetrade.io.

How long does it take?

Cash transfers can take up to four weeks to complete. Stock transfers take a little longer, usually around up to six weeks. There’s no need to contact us during this process, we’ll let you know as soon as it’s complete.

When is the best time to transfer?

There is no ideal time to transfer an investment account. The end or beginning of a tax year may mean the process takes longer as more people are thinking about ISAs and SIPPs at that time. But this isn’t necessarily going to be a problem.

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