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Sam Poullain

June 4, 2020

Sam Poullain

Cannabis companies have arrived

Following the launch of 250 new US stocks last week, we’re pleased to share the first batch of our weekly new additions to your app.

And this week, the new additions aren’t just pot luck.

There has been a movement in recent years towards legalisation of cannabis, driven primarily by North America. As a result, we’ve seen many companies emerge and the industry grow rapidly.

Cannabis stocks have also been highly-requested on the Freetrade community forum. 

We’re pleased to add these companies to your app today:

  • Aurora Cannabis
  • Canopy Growth
  • GW Pharma
  • Cronos
  • Aphria
  • Tilray

Check them out on the ‘Newly added’ section of your app now.

We’ll continue to add new stocks weekly, including more UK-listed companies like airlines and defence companies, ETFs, European stocks, and more.

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The views expressed above are those of community members and do not reflect the views of Freetrade. It is not investment advice and we always encourage you to do your own research.

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