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Freetrade reaches one million users

Adam Dodds

October 14, 2021

Adam Dodds

An important milestone on our mission to get everyone investing.

Today we hit an important milestone on our journey.

We’ve come a long way from user #1 on our iOS beta app back in late 2018 and today we recorded our one millionth user registration.

This caps off a rapid period of growth for Freetrade.

We’re now the second largest retail broker on the London Stock Exchange by number of orders every day. We’re probably the largest if you include the number of transactions in US shares we do every day.

As well as explosive user growth, our headcount has increased 4x since the start of 2020 to over 200 Freetraders today.

As we get ready to move into a new London HQ, we’ve also added offices in Brisbane, Stockholm, and Vancouver.


Our Australia team celebrating one million a few hours before the UK

This is all part of our mission to get everyone, not just everyone in the UK, investing.

Hitting today’s one million user milestone is the result of dedicated work from everyone across the business.

We’ve shipped amazing new products like Freetrade Plus and one of the low cost SIPP in the UK.

Our stock universe has expanded to over 5,000 securities and that number is set to grow even further as we begin to roll out EU trading in the coming months.

Customer experience is now even better with the addition of features like instant deposits and live pricing that provide you with up to date information on where your money is, and how your investments are performing.

We’ve also been working on various initiatives to improve our technology stack so that we’re ready to start onboarding millions and millions of customers from here.

Above all else, we recognise that we’re so lucky to have such a supportive community behind us. 

We’re excited to be on this journey with you, and we appreciate you spreading the word.

One million is a big number.

Europe is around the corner. 

And from there, onto the world.

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