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Freetrade’s Launch Date and How to Get Early Access

Adam Dodds

July 10, 2017

Adam Dodds

Launching the private beta

Freetrade is a challenger stockbroker 💯

We are creating a beautiful investing app to trade real shares, with zero commissions or fees, using only a smartphone, as it should be in 2018. We are serious about it. We are building a new kind of stockbroker from the ground up, for you.

Making progress on the above takes time, but we are getting closer to our launch now, and we wanted to share the timeline with you.

Launching the private beta

We expect to have the private beta available to our first users in 2018.

We’ll be able to start opening client accounts once we have the permission of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to do so as an independent financial institution. You’ve probably seen our announcement that we’ve applied to become a directly authorised stockbroker.

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Trade real shares, with zero commissions or fees, using only a smartphone.

The demand for the app has been high, so we’ll add users gradually, in small batches. People who referred the highest number of other users will get their invites first.

If you want to have early access

Here’s all you need to know! Last time we ran a calculation, users who had referred six or more of their friends ended up in one of the earliest groups to get access. This number might change as we approach the launch, but generally, referring is the best way to get priority access. 🔑 Some in our community referred high numbers of other enthusiastic users by posting their unique links on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.

You can check your referral count on Enter your email into the form that says “Request Invite”. You’ll get your personal tracking page.

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Your personal tracking page might look like this, soon!

Crowdcube investors with an investment of £100 and above in our second round have early access as a part of their reward. 🙌

Request an invite

If you haven’t already, request an invite to Freetrade. If you know anyone that may be interested, please invite them with your unique referral link, so you get credit and move up on the waitlist.

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