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Introducing your Customer Ops team 👋

Freetrade Team

November 15, 2019

Freetrade Team

Meet our Customer Operations (COps) team

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Rob, Deividas, James, Lisa, Shanice, Meghan and Elisa (shout out to Ed and Linda who were off when we took this photo!)

Meet our Customer Operations (COps) team, who are now around to help you seven days a week. 🙌

Before we share more details on how the COps team is here to help you, let’s rewind.

Fast, friendly support from real humans

Being able to offer the best customer support possible has been really important to us since the beginning. We want anyone who needs help to be able to chat with someone on their app, as fast as possible.

As we’ve grown our customer numbers, we’ve made improvements to the support process such as assigning specialists to each part of the customer journey, like onboarding, deposits and technical queries.

We’ve also added lots of new team members in the last few months. 👋

We’re pleased to now have a rating of 4.7 on Trustpilot and over 100 reviews. Thanks to everyone who’s shared a review. 🙌

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We’d love your support if you’d like to leave us a review on Trustpilot

Where can I speak to someone on the app?

If you need to speak to someone, just tap on your Account tab on the top-right of your Portfolio screen, and scroll down to tap on ‘Chat with us.’

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The team are available to chat between:

  • 8 am — 9 pm Weekdays
  • 10 am — 5 pm Weekend

Introducing Freeda

Meet our newest team member: Freeda.

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You’ll chat to Freeda when you first open the in-app chat, and she’ll help us collect more feedback so we can keep improving customer service.

Don’t worry: our team of real humans is waiting for you, we’re not replacing them with Freeda. 🤖

Keep your eyes peeled to our careers page for upcoming opportunities to join Freeda and the COps team.

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