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New stocks coming to your free plan and Plus subscription

Alex Campbell

September 18, 2020

Alex Campbell

Introducing your expanded stock universe.

Since we started Freetrade, we have pushed commission-free investing to the core of retail finance. 

We’re building a product that helps investors achieve better financial outcomes. Some of these investors can benefit from more features and an enhanced selection of stocks.

That’s where Plus comes in.

Introducing the Freetrade Plus universe

One of the numerous benefits for Plus members will be an expanded and ever-growing list of stocks.

Our long-term vision is to make all listed companies globally, from Hong Kong to Latin America, available in Plus.

That journey starts with building the right coverage for the UK and US markets.

Starting this week, we will begin to add new UK and US stocks available exclusively to Plus members. 

We’re also adding a new batch of stocks to the Free universe.

Head over here to explore the full stock universe and see what shares you can invest in.

We are planning for the free universe to include all stocks in the:

  • UK 350 (Large + Mid Cap)
  • AIM 100
  • MSCI US Prime Market (the 750 largest companies listed on major US exchanges)
  • IPOs, SPACs, and other highly-requested large cap companies

The Plus universe will include all stocks in the free plan, plus all stocks from the:

  • All other London-listed (Main Market + AIM Market) small cap shares
  • S&P SmallCap 600
  • Plus any other highly requested small and micro-cap stocks not included in these indices

We’re going to roll out these new stocks in batches over the coming weeks, so that by the time Plus is available to everyone, the list of stocks you get will be significantly larger than what’s in free.

We’ve thought carefully about how to divide up these stocks and a small number, specifically 84 London-listed and 52 New York-listed stocks, currently available to all Freetrade users will become part of the Plus universe. 

If you hold one of those stocks and decide not to become a Plus member, you will be able to continue holding or sell the stock, but you will no longer be able to buy more of this stock.

We’ll be sure that anyone holding these stocks knows well in advance when they will shift from free to Plus. We will only shift these stocks to Plus once the subscription plan is available to everyone.

Since these indices are updated every so often, we will keep the division of Plus and Free stocks under review and we may decide to move stocks to reflect changes in the underlying indices.

And now for the first batch of Plus stocks

As part of the first batch of Plus stocks, we’ve dug deep into your requests to add some of the most sought after London-listed small and micro-caps.

Highly requested and notable names

  • Synairgen £SNG - a biotechnology innovator, currently working on an inhaled treatment for COVID-19 patients
  • Foxtons £FOXT - a UK real estate company handling sales and lettings
  • Deepmatter Group £DMTR - a big data company, creating products for use in chemistry research
  • Allied Minds £ALM - an intellectual property commercialisation business
  • Bidstack Group £BIDS - an immersive, in-game advertising company

Mineral and resource explorers

  • ECR Minerals £ECR - a gold exploration company focused on projects in Victoria, Australia
  • Kefi Minerals £KEFI - an exploration and development mining company focused on gold and copper deposits

Investment Trusts and renewable energy funds

  • Manchester & London £MNL - a diversified trust focused both on capital appreciation and income generation
  • Lindsell Train Investment Trust £LTI - a trust focus on long-term capital growth
  • Pacific Horizon £PHI - an investment trust focused on the Asia-Pacific (ex-Japan) region
  • Octopus Renewables £ORIT - Europe’s largest renewable energy investor

Not in the indices, but highly requested:

  • Okyo £OKYO - a biotech focused on eye diseases and chronic pain
  • Novacyt £NCYT - an innovator in clinical diagnostics
  • And many, many more coming. Our long-term vision is to make all stocks of all exchanges available for you.

Request your invite to Freetrade Plus now.

See here the full list of stocks to invest in.

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When you invest, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest. 

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