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Our first Open Banking integration is rolling out

Sam Poullain

August 25, 2020

Sam Poullain

It’s now even easier to add money to your Freetrade account

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is the secure way to give providers access to your financial information

With the new Open Banking integration on Freetrade, you can now make payments directly from your bank or building society app to your Freetrade account. 

How does it work?

Go to your Account tab, and tap on ‘Top up’ > ‘Bank transfer’.

Select your bank from the list, and you’ll be taken to your banking app to complete the funding.

Once you’ve made the deposit, we’ll apply this to your account within 2-4 hours.

We’ll send you a notification when the funds arrive. 💸

It's easy peasy

When can I use it?

The phased rollout is starting today for Android, and will arrive on iOS shortly.

This Open Banking integration is Freetrade’s first, and is one of many upcoming improvements coming to the funding flow.

Read more on our FAQs here

When you invest, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest. 

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