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The 2018 Christmas List

Sam Poullain

November 1, 2018

Sam Poullain

When we started Freetrade, we set out to build the best investing app on the planet. Something that makes our users grin with glee at every swipe and tap.

When we started Freetrade, we set out to build the best investing app on the planet. Something that makes our users grin with glee at every swipe and tap.

The last few months have been amazing. 🔥

We started the rollout, brought all our crowdfunding investors on board plus a few thousand more users (new users are added every Tuesday!). We’ve also started adding new stocks and ETFs to our investment universe.

But we’re not all the way there yet.

We’re stepping it up a gear with our Christmas List of priority features.

These are the big features we’re aiming to deliver to the app as we approach Christmas. Much like Santa, we’ll be driving with all our might to get them to you.

Of course, unlike Santa, we won’t just be working 1 day for the entire year and we require no biscuit bribes (although if you’re in the area and happen to have biscuits…)

The Christmas List

  • ISAs 💰
  • US stocks 🇺🇸
  • Android waitlist app 🤖
  • Improved portfolio graph 📈
  • Better withdrawals 💸

ISAs 💰

Our most upvoted feature in the community, this is the chunkiest present under the tree: the kind you’ve begged for for months and missed out on birthday gifts to receive. There have already been a few sneak peeks of our ISA, but expect more on this in the next few weeks.

US stocks 🇺🇸

Another biggie! US stocks are our users’ most requested additions to the universe. We’ll update with our starter list of c.100 stocks soon, but you’ll have the chance to vote for some extra additions to this list in the community too.

Android waitlist app 🤖

Android users, we know this isn’t the full bonanza you would’ve liked. But with Android coming early next year, we want to get the ball rolling by getting the waitlist out there on Android too. As with iOS, the first 500 Android users to download the waitlist app will get a bonus bump up in the queue.

Improved portfolio graph 📈

Our portfolio graph visualises the change and performance of your investments. Right now though, it updates on end-of-day value, so it only captures changes day-to-day. We’re switching it to update with new data every hour, so you’ll get faster, more up-to-date insights into your portfolio.

Better withdrawals 💸

At the moment, when we process withdrawals, you don’t see the withdrawal removed from your available balance in real-time. We’re changing that. When you make the withdrawal request, the money will move from your available balance instantly.

It’ll take the same amount of time to reach your bank account, but it’ll leave your available balance straight-away.

And finally…

Since it’s a Christmas list: well, what’s Christmas without socks? Yep, we’re doing a very limited edition of Xmas Freetrade socks!

That’s our Christmas list. Not a bad haul, right? To be clear, we’re aiming to tick off every feature but we’ll prioritise and focus as we go.

Purr 😸

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To switch up to a whole new Christmas metaphor, ISAs are the turkey (or goose, if you’re fancy). If it’s not ready, Christmas is ruined! Better withdrawals are maybe more like brandy butter — great to have, not a disaster if it’s not quite here yet.

Christmas is 55 days away. There’s plenty of work to do. Please let us know your thoughts in the community. Let it snow! ⛄️

We’re on a mission to bring fee-free investing to Europe and beyond. 🔥

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