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The timeline for public rollout

Freetrade Team

July 31, 2018

Freetrade Team

The timeline is here. We’ll begin the public rollout on the 18th September! 🎈

Two weeks ago, with the arrival of our new Head of Engineering, Ian, we discussed how we’re accelerating our product delivery. As part of this, we also stated we’d be releasing a hard timeline for the public rollout.

The timeline is here. We’ll begin the public rollout on the 18th September! 🎈

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From that date, here’s how the process will unfold.

  • Super early testing: On the 18th, we’ll onboard a number of super early users from our community and investors
  • Early access: Shortly after, we’ll start bringing on our early investors in staggered groups of around 100–200
  • Top of the queue: We’ll then start working down the queue, hitting super referrers and investors who earned a queue jump
  • Working down the queue: We’ll roll down the queue ensuring our ops are scaling smoothly and getting feedback (bug reports, stock requests) from our community

We aim to have all our early access investors (just under 2% of the current waitlist) on the app within the first few weeks and people with high waitlist spots or queue jumps in October.

With 45k+ people waiting for Freetrade, we plan to work down the whole queue as fast as we can. However, we also want to scale responsibly to ensure we deliver top quality service and ops. This means having enough customer support to cope with the user base and enough time to iterate quickly on all feedback and insights

We’ll also share frequent updates throughout the rollout to keep everyone clear on when they can expect to get access.

We can’t wait to share what we’ve built with all of you and are so excited it’s nearly here! Until then, stay close to the forum to get more news, specifics and sneak peeks. 🔥

~ Adam, CEO

We’re on a mission to bring fee-free investing to Europe and beyond. 🔥

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