Weekly Wrap 05/10/18: the official launch!

Freetrade Team

October 5, 2018

Freetrade Team

After two weeks of Super Early Testing, we ignited the full launch of the app on Tuesday, covered in TechCrunch and Forbes.

We launched!

After two weeks of Super Early Testing, we ignited the full launch of the app on Tuesday, covered in TechCrunch and Forbes.

To be clear, we’re still in testing mode and there’s plenty to iterate but we’re now comfortable that we can add users on a regular basis.

We’re now delivering the early access we promised to our investors in our first two crowdfunding rounds (July 2016 and March 2017).

We’ve already given access to all our iOS-using Round 1 investors and have started working through our Round 2 ones this week.

After that we’ll start working directly through the waitlist, starting with the top of the queue and our Round 3 investors who received a queue jump. Then we’re coming for all of you!

New joiners

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The team is still growing at great pace. Just this week, our new Brokerage Ops Manager, Nicola, and Senior iOS Engineer, Josh, joined the team. Stay tuned for interviews with them very soon (as well as more team news next week).

Investing pays dividends

We issued our first dividends to customers. The dividend was suitably for the UKDV fund which focuses on high dividend paying UK-based stocks.

Nicola quickly sent out an Intercom notification to update all relevant users.

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Fixes on the app 🔨

The activity feed in the app was getting pretty cluttered for a lot of users. In our latest release, you can now delete cancelled or failed orders to clean up the feed.

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On the waitlist aspect of the app, in the latest version we’ve synced up the waitlist to remove the users who already have access. So if you’re checking your spot in the app, update to see it move to reflect that.

Remember your queue position does not vary by location! 😁

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