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Adam Dodds

March 28, 2018

Adam Dodds

Today’s pretty personal for me, as I designed our first logo and branding.

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Today’s pretty personal for me, as I designed our first logo and branding.

That was over two years ago when I was still at KPMG and Freetrade wasn’t much more than an idea in my head.

That design served us well for the last couple of years, but now that we’re dropping in the App Store and starting the roll-out to our awesome community, it’s time to level up with a new branding that matches up to how far Freetrade has come and the quality of our platform (it’s coming soon guys!)

Ta da:

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Our brilliant Head of Design, James, along with our friends from Koto, led the creation of our new visual identity. We wanted it to be clear that we at Freetrade stand for something, and for our brand to reflect that.

We thought a lot about brands we admire and why we connect with them. Nike, Apple, Airbnb, they all have a deeper ‘why’ that inspires. Just do it. Think different. Belong anywhere.

At Freetrade, we’re all about giving people the tools to invest for their future. We believe investing in the stock market should be fast, frictionless and open to everyone — and that you shouldn’t be ripped off for the privilege. We’re drawing a line in the sand because the current options just aren’t good enough: that’s what our new branding is all about.

The colour

When we look around the financial services world, we see a lot of blue. And grey. And more blue. And purple, which is cop-out blue.

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Like blue peas in a pod

Well we don’t want to blend in. We want to stand out.

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We’re calling it Freedom Pink.

The logo

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Do you see the ‘F’?

We wanted the new logo to be instantly recognisable and unique to us, with some clues to what we do.

It’s a stylised ‘F’, it’s a flag or flame declaring intentions, and it’s the performance of your investments going up.

The tagline

Our name already alludes to what we do, so we wanted our tagline to distill why we do it. We started Freetrade to open up stock investing for a new generation, so everyone can get a piece of the companies that power our economy and participate in the wealth created.

Our new tagline? Own it.

Own a real stake. Own your decisions. Own all your returns. Own your future.

Stay tuned for big product updates, freetraders!

~Adam, CEO

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