The Freetrade Christmas List 2019

October 10, 2019

The Freetrade Christmas List 2019

The features we aim to ship by the end of the year

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Time for us to unveil the list of features we’ll ship before Rudolf has even turned his GPS on.

Last Christmas 🎅

2018’s list included big-ticket items such as ISAs and US stocks, now permanently housed on your Freetrade app.

After all, the NASDAQ isn’t just for Christmas.

And when we look at this year’s most requested features, we can see new stocks, stock insights, better graphs, faster deposits and a watchlist.

Which leads us nicely onto this year’s list.

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Winter is coming

The Freetrade Christmas List 2019

  • Better graphs 📈
  • Gain/Loss 💰
  • Benchmarking 📊
  • Dividends in the Activity feed 💸
  • Watchlist ⭐
  • Instant deposits 💳
  • 7-day customer support 👨‍💻
  • Alpha Account 🅰️

Better graphs 📈

Let’s dive right into what ‘better’ means.

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This person is going to be happy

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Firstly, you’ll be able to scroll across your Portfolio chart to see its value on specific days (see below), just like you already can for individual stocks. We’ll also be making the 1-day chart more alive by filling it with data as the day goes on.

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Gain/Loss 💰

To help you see your performance at a glance, we’ll be adding gain/loss just above your Portfolio graph:

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Benchmarking 📊

As well as gain/loss, we’ll also show you the pure return of your investments minus any deposits and withdrawals. This is also known as TWRR (time-weighted rate of return), and we’ll show you this against a global benchmark.

We always consider our customers and their investment outcomes first, so it’s vital that you understand how your investments are doing in the context of the market.

Dividends in the Activity Feed 💸

We know you love getting dividends, but keeping track of them should be easier.

We feel the same, and that’s why we’re excited to bring you dividends in your Activity Feed.

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Everyone’s favourite notification

Watchlist ⭐

Doing your research is an integral part of investing, and a watchlist to keep tabs on stocks has been a popular feature request.

We’re building a watchlist, so you can favourite stocks, ETFs, and trusts from our growing universe.

Instant deposits 💳

Right now, your money might take up to 45 minutes to hit your account if you use Google Pay or Apple Pay.

But we want your cash to land instantly.

You’ll see card payments, Apple Pay, and Google Pay payments appear on your account balance moments after you tap the button.

7-day customer support 👨‍💻

Our Customer Ops team are currently available Monday to Friday, between 8 AM — 9 PM, and we’re soon scaling the team up to offer support seven days a week.

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A vintage photo of our Customer Ops team from a few weeks ago. The team is now twice as big!

Alpha Account 🅰️

Freetrade will always offer the Basic Account for free.

We’re also excited to launch our first premium subscription, Alpha, to its first set of customers, ahead of a full roll out early next year.

So that’s this year’s Christmas List.

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We’ll do our very best to make this the best Christmas yet.

There’s just one more thing.

2020: Acceleration ⚒️

The big one. A juggernaut representing the size of Freetrade’s ambitions, our Invest Platform is the single most significant piece of engineering work we’ve undertaken.

Phase one will see all customers migrate onto the Invest Platform in December, enabling us to release more features, US fractional shares, thousands of new US stocks, and more to come early 2020.

We’ll share more details of the Invest Platform at the next Community Meetup. And of course, the roadmap is always right here.

Thanks for your support, and let us know what you think about the list on the community.

We’re on a mission to bring fee-free investing to Europe and beyond. 🔥

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Simple pricing plans

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Save 17%




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General investment account


  • Commission-free trades (other charges may apply. See full pricing table.)
  • Trade USD & EUR stocks at the exchange rate + a 0.99% FX fee
  • Fractional US Shares
  • Access to more than 4,700 stocks, including the most popular shares and ETFs
  • 1% AER on up to £1,000 uninvested cash

£59.88 billed annually


Billed monthly


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General investment account
Stocks and shares ISA

Everything in Basic, plus:

  • Full range of over 6,200 US, UK and EU stocks and ETFs
  • Trade USD & EUR stocks at the exchange rate + a 0.59% FX fee
  • Automated order types, including recurring orders
  • Advanced stock fundamentals
  • 3% AER on up to £2,000 uninvested cash

£119.88 billed annually


Billed monthly


GIA white
General investment account
Stocks and shares ISA
SIPP white
Self-invested personal pension (SIPP)

Everything in Standard, plus:

  • Trade USD & EUR stocks at the exchange rate + a 0.39% FX fee
  • Priority customer service
  • Freetrade Web beta
  • 5% AER on up to £3,000 uninvested cash

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