SIPP Charges Schedule

How much will my SIPP cost?

Version 2.0, January 2021

Single monthly fee

You’ll either pay £9.99/month or receive a discount if you’re a Plus member (£9.99/month for Plus + £7/month for your SIPP). There are no other fees for the Freetrade SIPP except our standard investment related fees such as FX and SDLT which are determined on the instrument you choose to invest in.


£9.99 per month +
£7.00 per month +

Freetrade Service 

Standard – no charge
Freetrade Plus - £9.99 per month

Total Fee

£9.99 per month
£16.99 per month

Freetrade Plus provides a full investment range as well as additional features and services. See Investment Brochure for details.

You will only be charged for your Freetrade SIPP once you have funded the SIPP either by a pension transfer in or a contribution. The Freetrade SIPP fee will be taken from your bank account on the day you first fund your SIPP which will become your monthly billing date for future payments. 

The amount of our fees, as well as the nature of our fees, may change from time to time.

When you initiate a transaction through our Services, all fees that we will charge in connection with that transaction, as well as associated costs (such as taxes, stamp duty and other duties, as well as levies and charges) related to that transaction, will be displayed to you so that you can see the total cost to you of that transaction. You hereby irrevocably authorise us to deduct all fees, costs, taxes and levies (as well as the cost of the Securities in question, when you initiate a buy transaction) from your Available Funds, at the time that you commit to the transaction.

All fees are inclusive of VAT where applicable.

Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty Reserve Tax (SDRT) is a tax the UK Government applies to the purchase of certain assets, including stocks. You'll pay 0.5% stamp duty of the value of the purchase (but not the sale) of UK stocks at the time of purchasing the stock. But you won’t pay it on UK-listed ETFs, stocks listed on the AIM or US exchanges and other non-UK assets.

FX fees

Spot rate + 0.45% FX rate.A foreign transaction fee, sometimes referred to as an FX fee, is a surcharge on your purchase that appears when you make a purchase that passes through a foreign bank or is in a different currency.

Commission-free dealing

Investing should be commission-free, and we’re committed to providing unlimited instant dealing (during market opening hours) to our customers, forever. Other charges, like stamp duty and FX (foreign exchange) fees may apply.

Fractional shares

We do not charge for investment in fractional shares. You can invest from £2 and own a piece of even the most expensive US stocks, helping you build a diversified portfolio.

Interest on Available Funds

Your Available Funds will not attract any interest, even if they are in credit. You acknowledge that we may receive interest on all of our clients’ funds held by our Custodians, and hereby waive your right to claim payment of any part of such interest.

Consolidate your pension

We accept pension transfers. We don’t charge any fees for receiving transfer from another provider. If any investments in your existing pension plan are investments we can hold, you can transfer them without selling. Learn more about our pension transfers here. If not, you’ll need to sell them for cash. Then that cash can move over too in the same transfer. Alternatively, you can opt to transfer entirely in cash.

Exit fee

There are no exit fees for closing your Freetrade SIPP.