General Declarations p2

I authorise Gaudi Trustees Limited and Gaudi Regulated Services Ltd to open such accounts as required in order to action my investment instructions and agree to the terms and charges of these accounts.

I confirm that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information I give in this application process and in any other documents I complete or information I supply relating to this application, will be correct and complete

I understand that death benefits are payable by Gaudi Trustees Limited to my beneficiaries as determined at the discretion of Gaudi Regulated Services Ltd, who will take into account my Expression of Wishes but cannot be bound by it. I declare that I nominate all individuals named on my Expression of Wishes form, who are not my dependants, as Nominees for the purposes of allowing them to receive death benefits in the form of flexi-access drawdown, if applicable.

I understand that under the Terms and Conditions I am only entitled to receive money from my pension plan as an ‘Authorised Payment’. I agree that if an ‘Unauthorised Payment’ is made from my pension plan I will indemnify Gaudi Regulated Services Ltd for any charges levied by HM Revenue & Customs.