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Why choose Freetrade as
your stockbroker?

We don’t think the investing industry works well for most current and future investors. High commissions and clunky products from traditional stockbrokers can make it complicated for people to start investing. Additionally, business models built on switching investors over to high-risk speculative products can lead to poor financial outcomes.

That’s why we created Freetrade. To break down barriers and open up stock market investing to everyone, with a stockbroker you can trust, and simple, commission-free investing.

Investing with Freetrade

Buy fractional shares

With Freetrade you can invest in even the most expensive US stocks. 

Fractional shares are partial shares of a company. They allow you to invest in a company without buying a whole share.

Just like owning a full share, with fractional shares you receive dividends in proportion to your shareholding.

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Transparent & trustworthy investing for everyone

We’re on a mission to get everyone investing, building a platform to help customers achieve better long-term financial outcomes.

We succeed when our customers succeed.

We believe in:

Educating everyone about the benefits of long-term investing

Offering clear and simple pricing

Building a business that puts customers first

We don’t do:

Betting, CFDs and complex products

Hidden fees and inflated spreads

Day trading

Transparent and trustworthy

Buy stocks and ETFs commission-free, directly from your phone.

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What is Freetrade?

Freetrade is a mobile application that simplifies stock market investing, helping current and future investors achieve better long-term financial results.

We created Freetrade with a mission: to get everyone investing. That's why we've invested a lot of time in building our own trading application, providing a simplified investment experience, with no commissions, and with original features such as fractional US shares.

How does Freetrade differ from traditional brokers?

Freetrade's goal is to help investors achieve better long-term financial results, we succeed when our clients succeed. To achieve this, we have several principles:

  • Raise awareness of the benefits of long-term investing: from the basics of investing to daily stock market analysis, we create content for all types of investors. 

  • Simple and transparent pricing: we have a freemium model, the application is free and you can buy shares without commission, it’s also possible to upgrade to advanced features such as cash interest, exclusive access to certain shares and much more.

  • Putting the customer at the core of our product: our customers have been with us from day one, taking part in the creation of the apps home screen right through to participation in our various crowdfunding rounds. They form a community of over 20,000 investors who help us every day by sharing information, analysis, or voting for future features.

In addition to these principles, we have a simplified user experience and original features that we have created from scratch and that have won us the British Bank Awards for Best Online Trading Platform four years in a row (2019-2022).

In addition, we have made some strong choices that are in line with our vision and what we want to deliver to our users. For example, we do not:

  • Betting, CFDs or other complex products

  • Hidden fees and inflated spreads

  • Day trading

How does Freetrade make money?

We offer simple pricing, which allows us to optimise our costs and so, unlike most brokers, we can offer commission-free share purchases.

There’s a level of the service we don’t charge you for, like having a General Investment Account with us, and then it’s up to you which other products you’d like to use and pay for. 

Here’s a breakdown of things we currently charge for: 

  • Freetrade ISA, £3/month

  • Freetrade SIPP, £9.99/month

  • Freetrade Plus, £9.99/month

  • Foreign exchange (FX) fee of 0.45% of the Base FX rate (the bank’s exchange rate) charged when you buy or sell overseas shares

  • Small amount of interest earned from banks on customers’ cash

See our full pricing page.

How does commission-free trading work?

Our cost optimisation and freemium model allows us to offer commission-free trading and to eliminate brokerage fees.

Brokerage fees apply to other online brokers and are a certain amount charged to your account for each order placed. In some cases, these fees can amount to several dozen euros. 

In addition to brokerage fees, foreign exchange fees also apply if you buy a stock or ETF listed on an exchange whose currency is different from your own.

At Freetrade there are no brokerage fees, every order you place is free of charge.In case you buy a foreign stock, we only apply foreign exchange fees which correspond to 0.45% of the amount of the order placed.

What financial products will be available on Freetrade?

Once the application is available in the Netherlands, you can create a Freetrade account and start investing. We currently have a list of over 6,000 global stocks and ETFs that we add to regularly.

Is Freetrade trustworthy?

Yes, offering low prices and an easy to use product is great, but our number one priority is to ensure the safety of your investments and your money.

Freetrade is regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (SFSA) in Europe. 

As an entity authorised and regulated by Finansinspektionen (SFSA), Freetrade Europa is required to comply with all the rules and regulations laid down by the SFSA in the conduct of an investment business and to provide all the client protections that these regulations require. Freetrade Europa has obtained cross border licences that allow Freetrade Europa to offer its services across all EU and EEA countries. 

Freetrade is regulated by the FCA in the UK 

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is our UK financial regulator. Freetrade is authorised by the FCA to provide investment services to clients, including to hold client assets.

As an FCA-authorised entity, Freetrade Limited is obligated to meet all of the rules and regulations in the conduct of an investment business set by the FCA and provide all of the client protections that those regulations require.

Your shares are protected in nominee accounts or with approved third party custodians

When you invest with Freetrade, any UK, US or European-listed securities you buy are held by Freetrade Nominees Limited, which holds stocks and ETFs, with you as the beneficial owner. 

UK securities are held in CREST, which is the UK’s central security depository. European listed securities are held by our designated custodian Clearstream, and in the US by our sub-custodian Drivewealth LLC. 

Freetrade Nominees Limited is a non-trading company. That means it can’t run up liabilities of its own and can be shielded from any liabilities that Freetrade Limited accrues.

All of this is done so that, in the unlikely event of Freetrade failing, the company’s creditors will not be permitted to use your investments to cover Freetrade’s liabilities. 

Client funds are held separately

This is important because it means Freetrade cannot use your money to cover our business expenses, we also segregate client funds and assets so they cannot be used to pay off creditors.

Will Freetrade be available in my local language?

Initially, Freetrade will be available in English. As we develop and roll out new features, we'll look to offer our award-winning app in your local language.