Information Declarations

Information Declarations

I understand that the operation of my pension plan relies on Freetrade mobile app communications. I confirm I will maintain the email address I have provided, monitor it regularly and inform Freetrade immediately if I change my email address.

I confirm that the address I have given in the application is my permanent residential address and that I will inform Freetrade of my new address within 30 days should it change. I will also inform Freetrade within 30 days if I change my name.

I confirm that if I have not flexibly accessed any benefits from any other pension arrangements, that if I do flexibly access any pension benefits I will inform Freetrade of the date benefits were flexibly accessed within 30 days. I understand that I would become subject to the Money Purchase Annual Allowance from the date I first flexibly accessed any benefits.

I understand that if I have any Lifetime Allowance protection(s) or enhancements it is my responsibility to provide evidence of the relevant protection(s) to avoid some or all of a Lifetime Allowance charge that may apply. I confirm that I will inform Freetrade if I should lose or have revoked any Lifetime Allowance protections or enhancements I may have. I give my authority for my protection details I supply to be checked with HM Revenue & Customs.

I give my permission for my personal data to be processed in accordance with the Privacy Statement contained in the Terms and Conditions document and the General Data Protection Regulations.

I agree to the carrying out of checks to establish proof of my identity and residence, and those of a third party or my employer, where contributions are to be paid by either of them. Should these checks prove unsatisfactory, I understand that I will be required to provide proof of identity that is deemed satisfactory before my application can be accepted.