Bull market

We explain what a 'bull market' means

A bull market is generally defined by a 20 per cent rise in the stock market that takes place after a 20 per cent drop in the market.

This is not a precise definition and ‘bull market’ is often used to describe a situation in which investors are upbeat, putting a lot of money into stocks and think that the economy is going to perform well for the foreseeable future.

Though it’s usually used in the context of the stock market, ‘bull market’ can be used to describe almost any area of investment. You might have a ‘real estate bull market’ or a ‘bull market in the fine wine industry.’

The term ‘bullish’ is also derived from ‘bull market.’ To be ‘bullish’ about a particular stock, industry or market just means that you are confident that it’s going to perform well and increase in value.

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