Open a stocks and shares ISA

Make the most of your savings with a tax-efficient investment account. 

Open your stocks and shares ISA in minutes and invest commission-free. 

When you invest, your capital is at risk. Tax rules for ISAs can change and their benefits depend on your circumstances.

Other charges may apply. See our full ISA pricing table.

Stocks and shares ISA - Open account

Before you start

Check that you are...

  • Happy to choose your own investments

  • Aware that investments can go up as well as down in value

  • Over 18 years of age

  • A UK resident for tax purposes

Check that you have...

  • Your National Insurance number

  • Your bank details

  • Your debit card details

  • Details of your existing ISA (if you have one and wish to transfer it)

For more info, see our ISA terms & conditions, our stocks and shares ISA guide and the HMRC website.

Have you already opened a stocks and shares ISA this year?


If this is the first stocks and shares ISA you’ve opened this tax year (ie. since April 6th 2022), you can open your Freetrade ISA straightaway.


If you have already paid into a stocks and shares ISA since April 6th 2022 with a different provider, you will need to start by transferring your ISA to Freetrade.

How to open a Freetrade stocks and shares ISA

It only takes a couple of minutes to open an ISA with Freetrade. First, download the app and then follow the three steps below.

Step 1:

Tap on the profile icon at the top right of your screen

Step 2:

Next, tap on 'Stocks and Shares ISA'
Open an ISA

Step 3:

Follow the steps on screen and you'll be sorted in minutes
For more info, see our ISA terms & conditions, our ISA guide and the HMRC website.
Open a sipp

Open investment ISA

Make your savings work harder. Download the app and open your ISA account in minutes.

Transfer SIPP

Transfer ISA

Grow your savings, not your fees. Find out how to transfer your ISA by following the link below.

Opening an ISA FAQs

Is there a minimum I need to deposit?

You can open a stocks and shares ISA with Freetrade with just £2.

Can I have more than one ISA?

Yes, you can have more than one ISA. This means you could have a Cash ISA and a stocks and shares ISA. You could also have a few stocks and shares ISAs that have built up over the years with different providers.

The catch is, that each tax year you can only open or top up one of each type of ISA account. 

So for example, you can top up one stocks and shares ISA and one Cash ISA, and your yearly allowance will be split across these accounts. You can’t, however, top up two stocks and shares ISAs in the same tax year. 

For more information, take a look at our guide to what a stocks and shares ISA is and how it works.

Can I open a stocks and shares ISA for someone else?

No, you can only open a stocks and shares ISA for yourself.

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